orange international airtime api

Airtime API for Orange's International Mobile Network

Connect to Orange’s international mobile network and start sending airtime and data recharges within minutes.
Using Reloadly’s programmable and scalable API, it is now easier than ever to distribute virtual airtime top-ups through Orange’s entire global mobile network.

About Orange

Orange (formerly France Télécom) is a Paris-based multinational telecommunications corporation. The company has one of the largest mobile networks in the world, and is especially dominant in West Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. 

As a mobile operator, the company has traded under the Orange brand since 2006. Since being launched, Orange has quickly risen to become one of the most recognisable global mobile operator brands, a brand equity that the company continues to leverage to propell new invests into crticial emerging market infrastructure developments, providing Orange a leading role within the future of global telecommunications.

Today, Orange is considered one of the world’s main drivers of the rollout of 5G communications.

Orange controls strong market shares of the mobile segment in about 17 countries, including:

orange international airtime api

Airtime API Overview

Reloadly offers an airtime API connection to global mobile operators with an instant prepaid balance top up mechanism and notifications for success or failure. Our airtime API also provides attractive discounts on every transaction so you can save and earn profits. 

Airtime top ups are available in all international currency values and for cross-border international mobile top ups as well. Now you can seamlessly decide which pricing pipeline you wish to use and say goodbye to complicated international airtime transactions forever. 

Integrate in minutes

A few lines of code that scale
with startups to the Fortune 500

Use Cases

Micro-payment solutions

Airtime is one of the most efficient channels for making micro payments to a large group of people in emerging markets. Our platform makes it easy to build a solution like this and earn discounts when doing it.


Enable the transfer of cross-border mobile airtime for remittance services. International mobile top ups is a great value add for migrants and expats across the world.

Incentives and Rewards

Airtime rewards can be a great incentive for a mobile subscriber to take part in an activity such as polling, loyalty and rention. Use it to drive up survey response rates, run mass-market advertising campaigns or promote content.

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